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24/7 Emergency Services
24/7 Emergency Services
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Fireplace Safety: How to Heat Your Home Safely

Burning items that are unsafe can cause soot and creosote to build up in your chimney, which can combust and ignite a chimney fire. At the same time, using unapproved materials like wet wood, trash, paper, lighter fuel or other dangerous items, a fire that once began in your fireplace could spread through your entire home. To stay safe, only use dry or seasoned wood and approved fire logs and starter logs in your fireplace.
ServiceMaster DCS | 13/1/2019

Everyone Can Help Control Mosquitoes.

You, your neighbors, and the community can also take steps to reduce mosquitoes in and around your home and in your neighborhood.Conduct mosquito surveillanceMosquito control…
ServiceMaster DCS | 30/8/2016
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