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ServiceMaster Clean - Green Cleaning Chicago means:

  • Environmentally responsible ingredients

  • Approved by leading environmental organizations

  • Our products contain no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which have been known to aggravate health problems such as asthma

  • Less detergent residue - keeps carpet and fabrics cleaner, longer

  • New product, same great result


To keep your home healthier between cleanings:

  • Blot spills quickly with a clean dry cloth

  • Vacuum with a HEPA vacuum at least once a week

  • Change out air filters in your home on a monthly basis

  • Use a dust mask if prone to sensitivity when cleaning

Green cleaning Chicago by ServiceMaster Disaster Cleanup Services Green cleaning Chicago means new green cleaning products, same great result.

To schedule an appointment please contact us online or call 800-843-8415

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