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24/7 Emergency Services
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Residential Commercial Water Damage Restoration 24/7/365

Water damage restoration is an emergency business. That's why ServiceMaster DCS is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Water damage restoration
When water disaster strikes, ServiceMaster DCS Restoration in Chicago will be there to help — fast.
If your business or home is hit with water disaster, we understand it affects your entire life. Our goal at ServiceMaster DCS Restoration of Chicago is to restore your home or business as fast as possible.  We are always available with large range of updated, professional water damage restoration services to restore not just your business or home, but also your peace of mind. Our technicians are qualified, licensed and insured and are committed to keeping in close contact with you for as long as it takes to restore your property.
When you have experienced water damage in the Chicago area, you can count on ServiceMaster DCS Restoration to take care of:
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Drying, De-humidification, Water Extraction
  • Document Drying and Recovery
  • Mold Remediation
  • Antiques and Fine Art Restoration
  • Electronic Equipment Restoration
  • Data and Document Recovery
For residential or commercial water damage repair, Chicago relies on ServiceMaster DCS Restoration. We offer 24 hour emergency water damage restoration. Call 773-665-2000
Need Our Services?

At ServiceMaster DCS in Chicago, our goal is to quickly restore your property. Depending upon the situation, the water damage drying and restoration process can require up to three phases before being completed.

Phase One – Emergency Service
In Phase One and before any work begins, a Statement of Authorization will need to be signed. Our trained technicians will determine if your flooring is salvageable and can be dried in place. If so, we will use our specialized equipment to extract as much water as possible. Please remember these few tips:
  • Our specialized technicians will use penetrating and non-penetrating meters to detect moisture in the structure of your home.
  • The technicians will use both high velocity air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the carpet and sub-floor and structure as quickly as possible.
  • In order to ensure complete drying, this special drying equipment must be left on for the designated amount of time.
  • In some cases the carpet may need to be treated to prevent microbial growth. If the pad cannot be dried in place, technicians will remove the carpet from the tack strip and remove any wet padding to begin the drying process.
  • A pad sample will be taken back to our office to be matched and ordered for re-installation.
  • If your carpet must be replaced, the technician may recommend removing both the carpet and pad once authorized by the insurance company and/or the customer.
We may need to access to your property during business hours in order to monitor the temperature, humidity and drying equipment as the drying process continues. We will work with you to complete this phase as quickly as possible, with as little interruption as possible.
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Phase Two – Reinstallation/Cleaning
It may be necessary to install new pads when reinstalling restored carpeting. Our re-installation process includes re-stretching, reattaching the tack strip, seam repair, and threshold repair and/or replacement. After the carpet is reinstalled it is completely cleaned and deodorized. Even when the carpet and pad is successfully restored through in-place drying, the carpet will still need to be cleaned and deodorized. During this phase, we will also clean any damaged upholstery or other  furnishings. Afterwards, our technician will remove any drying equipment that may still be present at this time.

Phase Three – Structural Repairs
If necessary, after the drying process is complete, structural damage is assessed and the repair phase can begin. At this time, drywall, ceilings, and floors will be repaired. If carpet cannot be salvaged, new carpet and pad will be installed.  In some cases, it may be appropriate to complete structural repairs before reinstallation and cleaning.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration

ServiceMaster DCS is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year for emergency water damage restoration. We understand that  water damage is something that must never be overlooked which is why we have set up a quick response team to handle all emergency calls regarding water damage jobs. ServiceMaster DCS uses only advanced and proven products alongside the most effective equipment in cleaning and restoration of homes, businesses and furnishings.
Do you have any questions regarding our services? We are ready to handle all inquiries and quotes for water damage restoration. Our services include the following:

  • Structure drying for homes, offices and business establishments

  • Deodorizing and removal of odors due to water damage

  • Board-up services for residential and commercial properties

  • Document drying

  • Removal of debris left by water damage

  • Replacement of drywall

  • Packing and storage of salvageable materials and furnishings

  • Mold remediation

  • Interior and exterior remodeling and repainting

Carpet Drying

One of the biggest problems with water disasters is its effect on carpets and floors. ServiceMaster Clean understands these issues and provides fast, on-site carpet and wood floor drying.
Here's what your ServiceMaster Clean professional considers when drying carpet:

  • Age and condition of carpet

If a carpet is so old that it is a better value to replace than attempt restoration, we"ll let you know what makes the best financial sense. ServiceMaster Clean uses industry resources to help determine the exact value of carpet.

  • Length of time carpet was exposed to water

Most carpets can withstand water for up to three days, but immediate response to your loss is critical. In most cases ServiceMaster Clean can be at your site within two to four hours.

Type of water

Types of water affect the restoration process.

  • Clean water: Water from a clean source with no debris.

  • Grey water: Water that is not necessarily clean but is not hazardous (washing machine and dishwasher overflow, for example).

  • Black water: Sewage backup or runoff water. These losses are hazardous and should be handled with caution.

Water temperature

The temperature of the water is important to consider. For example, a hot water heater with very warm water will affect the glue used to hold carpet fibers together.

Here's what we consider when drying wood floors:

  • Wood floors are very sensitive, so proper drying is critical.

  • Wood naturally holds water—up to 10% depending on the type of floor.

  • Wood can absorb another 5% to 10% without showing any noticeable effects. Within a few days, however, floors that cannot hold the water any longer will expand, causing cupping or crowning. Both are very difficult to restore.

  • Emergency response is critical for any damage to wood floors.

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